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I have only a passing familiarity with the design of that tang sight, but is it possible to take the eyepiece apart, insert a thin shim made of something like felt or plastic sheet. The eyepiece might then slide along the ladder without having to loosen it up for elevation adjustments.

I agree that a safety which engages every time the breach is opened and then requires an action to disengage it would be a problem.

I was cautioned not to open the breach with the hammer all the way forward as it will bend or break the firing pin. I think this may not be a problem in my specific rifle since the firing pin spring holds the pin back and in what might be called a retracted position.

I shoot a 405 and a 340 grain pullet in mine. (It is a SRC with a shorter barrel than yours) With the 405 I use either 55 or 70 grains (at least I think that is right) With the 340 grain bullets I use about 75 to 80 grains. I have not worked up a load with either of these rounds and so I might get better performance if I fiddle with the load a little.

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