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Please understand that I am not a purist. I don't have a lot of experience with a wide range of equipment and so my sentiments have limited value.

I like their products.

The multistage press is a good option. I converted mine to four positions (cost was about 17.00 and I did not use the progressive rod) but I would not have needed to do so. I don't typically use a factory crimp die so three positions is really all I need.

I have a turret set up for each of my calibers (.357, .44 Mgnm, .45LC, .45-70 govt and .45 ACP). This reduces the time required to set up the press. I just run a coulpa rounds through to make sure the set up is still good.

I have Lee molds which I like much more than the Lyman/Ideal molds I have for round balls. For bullets I use only Lee molds but that is because I just never tried higher price molds. They work fine.

I have a Pacific single stage press and also used an old single stage press from another manufacturer (can't remember whose) and those presses are extremely high quality, but a single stage press just doesn't work for me.

I have the Lee hardness tester which I like because it does the job for a low price.

Also have the Lee ten pound production pot. This is my second one. The first Production Pot was still working fine but I figure after 35 years I deserved to spend the 57.00 on a new one. I gave the old one to a friend and he is still using it.

The dies from Lee are easy to set up and give good consistent rounds.

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