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But so many Mausers etc were cut down that it seems to leave only a minority that are in the original configuration.
And so many of those are really beaten up, maybe due to being in combat etc, or simple added years of wear and tear, in contrast to the WW2 Enfields.
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These are valid observations, here's some possible reasons..

So few in "good, original condition" are left, today, because you are looking at the bottom of the barrel (literally, in the 50s & 60s there were actual barrels full of Mausers and others in most gunshops). Most of the good ones got sold a long time ago. Also, military mausers were the "leftovers from the LOSERS", not worth much, and not often given the best storage and treatment. SMLEs were kept in service for years after WWII in many places, before finally sold as surplus. SMLEs are not easily adapted to other calibers, or made into sporters of the same quality as Mausers. So more of them in issue condition are still around.

Guys buying the majority of surplus military rifles in those days were not buying them for historical collectables that could be shot, they were buying the cheapest guns they could get that could be made to serve as hunting rifles. The status of those guns today is a result of what happened to them then.

one of the first things almost everybody did with ALL the milsurps was take off all the unneeded wood and metal. All the changes to the market in the last 50 years means you won't see many, if any original condition milsurps being customized ever again. Originals are priced out of the hands of the low income buyers (who were the primary "Bubbas" then, and now). Tastes have changed, and those who do want a sporter milsurp have a supply of previously "Bubba'd" guns available to work on. And there is also a good supply of commercial rifles today, too. So, I think those surviving issue condition milsurps are pretty safe, overall.
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