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Fatal shooting last night

A customer of ours just came in to redeem his pawned Taurus PT709 Slim and recounted this story to me.

Last night, while stopped at a light, an armed gunman surprised him at his driver's window with a .45 cal pistol pointed at my customer's head, demanding his money and Chevy Avalanche.

The driver raised his hands and agreed to the robber's demands but before he could get out of the truck the driver said the gunman began to press the trigger.

The driver had already reached down with his left hand to open the door but instead released the seat back just as the gunman fired, narrowly missing the driver's head.

The driver struggled with the gunman over the pistol but could not stop the gunman from friing so the driver opened the car door as hard as he could pushing his attacker back.

This gave the driver enought time to draw his legally carried Glock 19 and return fire as his assailent crawled into the truck.

The driver emptied his Glock 19 into the carjacker hitting him 16 times, then reloaded. The bad guy died, the driver was unhurt.

He was redeeming his Taurus because he had just got out of the cop shop and needed a carry piece because the Police aren't going to release his Glock back to him until Friday.

We looked at photos of the dead man on the driver's cellphone and looked at his bullet riddled truck. It was full of holes.

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