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My personal attitude about a pistol of that sort is that it's for carry, or bedside protection. It ain't for casual plinking or extensive target practice. I'd shoot such an animal from time to time to maintain familiarity, but that's about it...

"Do I have to do something different for a "Ported" barrel?
Do they like "lead".
Will I have to adjust my load?"

Answers: I don't see any reason why; doesn't make much nevermind; I don't see any reason why.

There might be a bit more "grunge" buildup in the ports with lead bullets, but it's easily cleaned out and not worth worrying about.

If it's a lighter pistol than what you now play with, you might lighten the load a bit if the recoil bothers you. Outside of that, darlin', don't change a thing for me.

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