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Para-Ordnance was conceived and birthed in Canada... and chose to move to NC. Les Baer built his operation in Illinois... and then elected to move to Iowa.

The lion's share of Smith & Wesson's storied history is obviously in Springfield, Mass... but they now build a number of guns north, in the state of Maine.

In spring of this year, I really wanted to drop in and meet the small crew of folks that made my Coonan Classic in Blaine, Minnesota, but I couldn't pull it off on the schedule. Maybe next time?

STI's guns are made in Texas... except for their lowest-priced Spartan model, which comes from the same place as so many other 1911 pistols. (Phillipines, I think? Check that...)

Freedom Arms makes their guns in Wyoming. There are few states in this great nation that are more free than Wyoming.
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