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in a recent forum(not here) a seemingly experienced winchester expert responded to my question "kimber 84 vs mod 70" noting the current model 70's are the best winchester has ever made, and the pre '64 premium was not worth it.........what do you guys think??? for the record i bought a new 84 in 257 roberts.....awesome.....and several hundred $$ less than pre '64 mod 70.....thanks for the input!!!!!!

I've owned an example of a new Kimber M84, when they first came out several years ago. Nice rifle. Accuracy acceptable, but nothing to brag on. I found it stayed in the cabinet more that I'd hoped it would, so I sat down and did a piece to piece comparison between my M70 Featherweight Classic in 7/08 and that Kimber. The results kind of surprised me. On all levels the M70 Classic (late '90s gun) was a better rifle. Finish and smoothness of the bolt were not even close (advantage M70) and the accuracy was a toss-up, basically the same.

I still own that M70 and the Kimber is long gone. When I look at my pre '64 M70s, I can only say that their overall quality at least match my Classic. I simply looked and compared with all in my hands and with an open mind. After all, I'd already spent all the $$.
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