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Off topic(but related)....

Doing security work in a few resorts/hotels/extended stay places, I can honestly tell you how easy it is to get personal information, vehicle information, even room keys from some poorly trained staff or front desk clerks.
Many of these employees are hourly wage earners or lack the critical thinking skills to deal with security/safety related issues.
Don't think Im being smug. A few are sharp & are pro-active but those hotel employees mostly move into high-end chains or concierge type positions/mgmt.

As a security officer I constantly had to "educate" some clerks about not giving out personal details or being lax. Some guests could care less about personal security but many would be concerned about their hotel rooms.

Years ago, around 2003 or so, I dealt with a wierd guy who was stalking a young woman from a AMTRAK station to the hotel lobby. He became irate but left the property w/o incident.
In a more recent event, 2011, I worked in a low end hotel where a strange guy was following a few female guests around late at night. I had the guy removed.

CCTV systems help but being alert/careful is smart if you travel often.

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