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+1 to shortwave

Ummmm......... errrrrrr........ lemmmeee think here a sec ........

Shotty! Shotty! Shottttttttteeeeeeeeee!

I am glad we live in a Free Country where we can express ourselves with a bit of individuality ...... if everyone spoke (and typed) in perfect Queen's English, and only asked straightforward, technical questions, offered no opinions they were sure the Old Farts In Charge did not agree with and basicly sucked up to them ..... what a recipe for boredom and stagnation!

Is it "snobbish" to use proper terms when communicating?
Not necessarily, but done to excess (and running around as the terminology and or spelling/grammar police is "excess"), it can make you appear to be every bit as dry, stilted, boring and altogether unpleasant as a constipated Monarch giving a 3 hour public speech on keeping a stiff upper lip. Wipe the egg off the lip, take some Exlaxx, and lets get on to educatin' the young'uns .......
TheGolden Rule of Tool Use: "If you don't know what you are doing, DON'T."
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