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Re: Enough with "Shottie"

Originally Posted by Coach Z View Post
I agree that it's a LITTLE distracting to read that but you guys are all up in a tizzy for nothing. If you don't like it don't click the thread. It too will pass.

As for those of you who believe censoring the word is a good idea do you think then we should also censor the AR platform being called a "black" rifle because it may offend some? Grease gun might bother some...... etc. etc.
Exactly. Personally, I don't see it as a big deal in and of itself. Do we always have to don our smoking jackets and talk in proper English every time? Relax a bit. To me, just about any slang term for a firearm is fine, so long as the rest of the post is intelligent and coherent. If slang dominates your speech, it gets really annoying really quickly, but a term (relatively common one at that) for your favorite projectile-spewing implement isn't something to get up in arms over.
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