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How to purse-carry

Originally Posted by bikerbill View Post
No, not me ... after 10 years in Texas and almost that long gently suggesting she should be carrying, my wife has decided it's time to get her CHL.

And this is not one of those "what should my wife carry for protection?" threads. We'll be going to a large local gun shop where she can try the guns she's interested in for feel, ease of slide manipulation, etc. No revolvers, por favor ...

This is a request for suggestions on how she should carry her gun in her purse. The clothes she wears to work do not lend themselves to onbody carry and she can't be armed inside her office in any case.

She usually carries a fairly large purse with a zipper compartment that can be utilized ONLY for her weapon of choice. We'll be getting a lock box where she can leave the gun in the car while she's working.

So the questions ... do TFL members use a holster of some sort in their purses; perhaps a Nemesis-style pocket holster? Is there some other suggestion that might work? Since I just got her a new purse for her birthday, getting another with a separte compartment at the back of the purse isn't an option now. We'll be spending that money on a gun for her after she gets the license; sadly, none of my current collection will work for her.

We're heading to the range today to work on her shooting skills; she'll be taking the test with my XDm-9, but it's too big and heavy for her purse.

My wife uses a cheap Belt holster, from Walmart to keep her pistol in, while toting it in her purse. It covers everything but the grip, and keeps the pistol secure consistently.
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