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Savage 1920 .300 Savage

Looking for general information about the Savage 1920 rifle. A friend just got one in .300Sav.

We know the gun was made from 1920 to 1931 (or 29, depending on source)
.250-3000 and .300 Savage
Came in two variants, apparently after 25-26 Savage increased the stock(?) and barrel size to add weight due to complaints about recoil in .300 Sav.

Friends gun has apparently been reblued, has a peep sight, no dovetail on the barrel for a rear sight.

Curious thing, there are no marking on the barrel, not even caliber. I suspect the barrel might be a replacement, because of that.

Looking for general info about these rifles, and particularly what markings ought to be on them, and where.

Any help would be useful, Thanks!
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