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Is "prolly" a word? See it a lot, but it's not in an English language dictionary. Is everyone just too lazy to type the whole word or are these "words" actually being used in the English language?
Oh, don't get me going on proper grammar. Yes, people are lazy. As one who writes, I cringe every time I see "prollie", "shottie", and even "to" instead of "too". (Thank you for properly using "too" above, by the way). But I understand they are not a big deal to others.

we need to also keep in mind that many that post the word 'shottie' in their posts here on TFL are new to the sport and new to TFL and are usually very quickly educated on the dislike of the slang term by other, more seasoned members. Sometimes in an almost rude way. ... I think we need to educate the less seasoned members/shotgunners but be careful not to offend them as we do it.
OK, here is another way we sort of offend ones new to the sport. Acronyms. I mean it's fine if there is a secret decoder ring or a list somewhere they can use to figure out what someone is saying. Although I have been shooting for over 30 years, it took me an hour to find out what DOH meant with respect to holsters, since I am new to buying them. And another time, it took a long time to find out what EDC meant. But now I am so smart about what they mean, I just use them freely here.

I think many think it makes them sound like they are well versed when it comes to guns, but it does not, and it purely grates on my nerves.

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