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Long ago,a woman friend of mine was invited to go on a remote river trip with an outfitter/guide acquaintance,They did not own a gun between them.

From the corners,drawers,and cigar boxes,I had available a chopped "C" Springfield stock,a 1927 Polish 98 small ring full length action,and a take off Mark 10 30-06 barrel.

With a generous amount of Accra-Glass,a home made fixed rear peep and military style front sight with protective ears and a white shotgun bead
I put together a sound,rugged,utility boat carbine and loaded them a batch of 200 gr Nosler partitions.

Then we went and practiced a while.

When they went on their trip,they met an Alaskan who lived on the river.Long grey beard,solitary,did not want his picture taken.

They said he looked over the rifle,and made them a very generous offer for it.

He declared it "The perfect Alaskan Rifle".

They brought the rifle back to me.All was well.

That Springfield Sporter above IS an artisan piece.Classic.

As I said,I do not alter a complete rifle,but ,for example,J+G sales ,Springfield Sporters,Sarco,etc used to sell various 98 Mauser actions for $50 or $60.

I can assure you it is not difficult to find a take off Mauser stock of some form among gunsmiths and friends that has no future other than gathering dust.Same with a take-off barrel or something like an Adams and Bennet,or a surplus 7x57 barrel.

It can all go together to make a well crafted,basic,sound,no frills utility rifle....that just might be the perfect rifle to offer the father ,or mother,of a 14 yr old about to go on a first hunt...

There is also nothing wrong with a young person with an interest building that rifle with a little help.

Collecting and appreciating the originals is is utilizing hardware available.

IMO,we can get along.
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