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We live in a fairly affluent area, Dr. Phillips. There are more than one Publix, I love Publix. Very clean, prices are reasonable.

I carry always. My Wife has just received her FCCL, but does not carry. She shoots Glock's well.

This happened about 6 months ago, I have posted this incident before. Not sure if I did here?

My Wife shopping (we have been married 20 years) me reading a Library book in the Jeep.

Call from my Lovely Wife.

"I am being followed around the store by two young black guys, pants at half mast, under pants showing" "And the neither one has a cart, or basket"

I told her I would park close to the far left door, the right one from her coming out. My exact advise. "I will be standing behind the Jeep, you walk normally till you exit, then speed up, don't run, keep close to the wall, do not look behind, or at me, no matter what happens"

She was amazing! She came out, lengthened her stride, and moved smoothly along side the wall, towards some carts.

These two were 4 or 5yds behind her. Nothing in their hands. The one on my left was looking at my Wife, the one on the right, scanning!

The scanner spotted me! Shirt undone, Glock 19 on my right side, not showing (yet) he grabbed his pals arm, they ran across the parking lot, to the street.

Their ride was just behind me!

I know I could have done this, that, and the other. I did not do anything but be ready to shoot them, just me involved, I have involved other people in my self defense before, I like just me, I know what I was going to do.

Distance to these young Gentlemen, from my shoes, 7m. Behind them, a concrete wall.

I did tell the Manager next time we went there? Ho Hum, my Jeep has the name of my Sons Security Company all over it. Good advertising!

Been in and out of that store for ten years, no incident prior to this.
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