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I picked up a 715t after looking at them for a while. I battled between spending more $$ on a different one or going with the Mossberg flat top. I ended up getting a real good deal on a trade and picking up the flat top w/ a Bushnell scope on it.
The first trip to the range (after a real good cleaning) was a good experience, but after about 50 rounds I did get a jam...and then a 2nd. I was running low on time, so I took it home and cleaned it again.
I went back to the range a few days later and this time dialed the scope in at 40 yards (my goal was to get dead on and take a few squirrels). The gun performed great at 40 yards and no jams.
I went out this Saturday and was 2 for 2 on squirrels.

I am very pleased and now I'm glad I didn't spend the extra $$ on another rifle --- I can save that money and use it elsewhere.
I agree, I'm not thrilled about the 'clamshell' design, but that is what it is...and for the fun factor and accuracy, I can deal with that.
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