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Originally Posted by Garycw
The 260-264-6.5x55 sounds like a excellent choice, but I don't see too many rifles in that chamber. Any sugestions of either new or surplus? I'm looking for a economical good shooting rifle in the $400 range. It's looking like the 270 round would be a good middle of the road choice?
Yeah, the $400 dollar range is a tough one to find anything new in a .264 caliber. Savage has the Model 11 Trophy Hunter XP package in .260, but it would cost around $575. Remington is making the Model 7 CDL in .260, but it is offered in a 1-9 twist (I prefer 1-8 twist for the .264 caliber due to the heavy grain size for caliber bullets). CZ makes rifles in 6.5x55 swede, but I think those are in the $600 range new.

I am not a fan of old 6.5x55 SE military rifles due to the fact that they can't handle modern loads. This is why most 6.5x55 SE factory ammunition is under loaded. New 6.5x55 SE rifles, and handloading really are what make this cartridge shine.

Also, here is a G&A article that I posted on another thread in this forum about the .308. Good read if you are thinking about long range target shooting and long range coyote hunting with a .308.

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