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While the pre-'64 Model 70's were and still are probably the most reliable internal box magazine action ever made for standard cartridges, the barrels Winchester screwed in them were not all that great. Their groove diameters were on the big size unless you happend to get one broach rifled and the broach was scrapped afterwords. The cutting teeth on that broach had worn down making the groove diameters in that barrel small; and all bullets shot very accurate in them. Best accuracy happens when bullets are a few ten-thousandths inch larger than groove diameter. Any bullet smaller than the groove starts shooting less accurate. More difference = less accurate.

Winchester's match bullets were the largest diameter ones they ever made; they knew thost bullets had to be fat else accuracy in the Model 70 target rifles was ho-hum at best.

All bolt action rifles are a mixed compromise of accuracy vs. reliabilty vs. ease of shooting accurate vs. ease of maintenance vs appeal vs. cosmetics vs opinion vs facts. Have a nice time deciding what's important to you.
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