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JMR40, I tried to order a new Winchester Model 70 "Alaskan" or "Super Grade." My local gun shop can't find one. All Model 70 production in South Carolina has ceased. It has been relocated to Portugal. I can't wait two years for Winchester to get the bugs out of new production. Plus, the way our dollar is going, I probably won't be able to afford one a European-made one -- not unless they cheapen the quality, in which case I wouldn't want one because a Ruger would be better.

Like you, I have some qualms about buying a 57-year-old rifle, regardless of its condition. If I buy the Ruger, however, I would have to pay for a custom 24-inch barrel (I prefer that length) to replace the factory 22-inch barrel.

Why don't I consider a Remington SPS with a 24-inch barrel? No controlled round feed, and I think that the current owner of Remington (a financial syndicate) has cheapened the brand. They're putting less and less metal into the rifles. I don't want to pay good money for a rifle that has a plastic floorplate, a plastic triggerguard, and a plastic stock. Why not add a plastic barrel -- then they'd have the perfect toy gun for children. Plus, those jerks knew how dangerous their safeties were for 20 years, and did nothing about it. It would have taken pennies to fix the problem. Several people lost their lives because of this.

Replacement parts for an old Winchester is another issue. I checked e-gunparts and many of the replacement parts for a Pre-64 are "sold out" (as you might expect due to its age and popularity). Winchester's move to Portugal may finish the M70, due to price. Not having a custom shop for Winchesters is also another minus (I called South Carolina to ask about some custom work, and they advised me that Winchester no longer had a custom shop).
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