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The pre-64 M70 must be a standard grade and not the Featherweight with it's 24" barrel!

"I was there" when they were making the pre-64's and I bought one new in 1957 and went on to make a complete (in my mind) battery of those M70's.

I never bought a standard grade in a standard chambering as they are too heavy!

Not only that but they came with a steel butt plate. Weight be darned, it's the steel that hurts.

Get the Ruger and make sure it has a soft recoil pad. We carry rifles way more than we shoot them at game. Get a light one.

It's almost the season now so buy it now and shoot it, practice!

If your fortunate you will own more guns as time goes on. If you had more time my choice would be a Kimber Montana.

If you must have a pre-64 M70 look for a Featherweight that someone as put a recoil pad on and the LOP fits you.
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