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I noticed yesterday as I was shooting the 2nd match, rounds 11-17 all pretty much went to the same spot more or less. It was nice to have a consistent string. I think the gun is capable. It is a free floating barrel and I noticed that their is a notch where it looks like there is a shim between barrel and receiver.

I think if I can tighten up on my reloading, it'll help a little. Biggest part is just getting out to practice and finding some FMJ to practice shooting mechanics and reading wind. That's been my biggest hurdle.

So far in my life, I've just deer and hog hunted, taking shots no longer than 100yds. At the range I've never taken a shot longer than 200yds. I've learned, rather quickly, that reading wind at 200yds and at 600yds, don't correlate at all with each other. LOL. Making adjustments for wind has been a steep learning curve as well. Good thing is though, that with each match, I've learned a great deal at reading wind, and have gained a great deal of experience. I've learned, and I've improved. I hope to keep with this trend until the last thing to do is upgrade equipment, then I'll have the experience to use it properly.

I did notice yesterday that the modifications I made to my rifle, greatly improved the match as well for me. The trigger was a lot nicer after taking a full coil off the spring. I'm thinking about taking another quarter of a coil or half a coil off to lighten it up just a tad more. Most videos I saw people were taking off 1 1/2 coils but I only took 1 off. I loved the trigger mod as compared to before.

The extra weight added to the rifle was very noticeable as well and it was nice.

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