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Winchester M70 Pre-64 vs. Ruger M77 Hawkeye

Howdy Boys,

I would like your advice. I plan to buy a 30.06 rifle for the Idaho Panhandle/
Northwestern Montana. The wildlife in that area is similar to Alaska's. For that reason, I want a controlled-round feed rifle. I will be shooting Remington 180-grain Core-Loke rounds.

I have two choices. I can buy a Winchester Model 70 Pre-64 (made in 1956) which is in mint condition. Hardly saw any usage. Springs in great shape. Or, I can buy a new Ruger M77 Hawkeye.

The Winchester has a smoother action; a 24-inch medium contour barrel; and more weight to reduce recoil. The Ruger has a stronger action (modern metallurgy); a 22-inch Sporter No. 1 barrel; and better parts/gunsmithing factory support (Winchester recently relocated M70 production to Portugal).

The price difference between the two is only about $200, so I'm indifferent on that.

Which one would you recommend?
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