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Originally Posted by LRRiflemanSNJ View Post
Congrats! What type of rifle set up are you using? Does it have a hunting or varmint profile barrel? You will find the heavier/thicker barrel, and a smooth trigger will contribute to higher scores. With those out of the way, you can focus more on reading the wind with less distraction. What type/power scope are you using?

I am not trying to be critical, but give you the best guidance I can share.
Using plain jane Savage Axis. Surprisingly, it's not walking on me as the barrel heats up through the string. I've been using a majority of my time to help keep barrel temp down.

Using a cheap truglo 8-32x44. It's worked and has tracked pretty good so far. I'm not going to do anything longer than 600yd for several years. I want to get several years of experience under my belt first. I do have a 20moa base on the way though.

I added 4.6 pounds to the stock and lightened up trigger pull from 7.5# to 3.5# which helped a bunch today as compared to last weekend.

I do have in the plans to save up for a NF scope though, and eventually a Savage F-Class rifle.
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