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Open an account on a photo hosting site, I use Photobucket.

Upload your pics, then there is an info/URL code button somewhere. I do 99% of my computing lately from my phone. On the iPhone App, when you are looking at the picture, it is a lower case "i" in a circle in the lower right corner. I then click the address by "IMG." This copies said URL with the image tags already in place.

Start your post right here on TFL. It also works on the other forums I am on. Paste the copied image tag/URL from earlier.

Repeat. (We all love pics)

It's that easy.

Depending on which device you are using, the pics might need to be resized. Don't know how to do that, as I use my phone for that as well. They are a little big, but no one has complained yet, and I see lots if similarly sized pics.

You could also select (highlight) and then copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your browser window, then click the image button in the thread tools bar above your post text. It's the little square with the mountains and round celestial body. It will place the image tags in your post. You can then place the cursor between the two tags and paste your URL betwixt the two.
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