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Cool, I have owned 2 of them the first I picked up used with a 25 and a 10 round mag.
It was the one with the long handguard and fixed carry handle.

Like you, I took out all the screws, and gave it a good cleaning.

The extended mag would give me a jam or 2, but after some tinkering, it started working.

The 10 round mag was flawless.
Also the rifle fed anything I put in it.

Someone offered me more than I had in it, so it found a new home.

The second one (I still own) I bought new and is the one with the short handguard, flash hider, and removable handle.

It is heads and shoulders above the other one in how tight the core rifle fit the shell, and general fit and finish.

Once you get the little bugs worked out(read that as run 2 or 3 bricks through it) it becomes a very reliable gun.

I am at about the 5000 round mark with no complaints.

I am not too happy with the clamshell design, but it is what it is, and it is half the price of its nearest competitor.

No, it is not the fit and ergonomic quality of the m&p 15-22, or the Chiappa, or Colt, but it is a fun gun to shoot, the 10 round mag fits flush with the "mag well", great for shooting off of a bench, (something the others don't do) and is reasonably accurate.

Once you find a ammo it likes (mine likes the CCI mini mags, or CCI ar-tactical ammo, I will put it up there accuracy wise with the marlin model 60.

Keep us posted.
I make 2 predictions:
1. The US Soldier will have on his person a version of the Colt 1911.
2. He will be aiming the NEW Weapon at someone carrying an AK.
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