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Mossberg AR style 22lr

I heard a lot of reports on these, both good and bad, but decided to try my luck on one. WalMart has been getting them in lately with the 25 rd. mags and priced a couple dollars less than the 10 rd. models they used to get.
Realizing I was buying a rifle that costs about the same as 3 bricks of the ammo it shoots, at today's prices, I knew I was taking my chances.

Taking it out of the box, I see it says to disassemble and clean it first, so proceeded to wade through lots of poorly illustrated instructions, a few of which were not apparently specific to the model in question. It wasn't too nasty inside, so cleanup was easy enough and I sprayed it lightly with a little Hoppes and managed to find all the little microscopic screws and such that holds it together.

My 1st and 2nd trips to my backyard range yielded lots of stove-pipe jams. Closer examination pointed to the 25 rd. mag as the culprit. I couldn't get more than 10 or 12 rds. to go in that mag, in spite of the loading tool that came with it. It wasn't that the mag spring was tight, I was surprised how weak it was. The problem was the 25 rounder is actually a 10 round mag with an extension on it. The 10 rd. portion is not exactly lined up with the extender and the follower binds up trying to make the transition from the top section to the bottom one.
The rimmed 22lr ammo wants to stack up on the rims because the mag is pretty straight up and down, rather than the typical bananna shape found in some rifle mags. I was able to free up the follower with a little motor-cote oil and finally managed to get 24 rds. into that 25 rd. mag.
Tweaking the mag lips and a little filing and sandpaper work there, made a big improvement in the ratio of jamming versus firing.
My last "range" trip yielded even better results using standard pressure 22lr target ammo, rather than the more abundant hollow point stuff I have.
I managed to get off a string of shots with no failures, but ran out of daylight to give it a proper wringing-out.
I called Mossberg and they offered to send me a shipping label to ship it back for repairs. I passed on that for now, in favor of them sending me another mag, as I think that's the weak point in this gun.
On the plus side I like the looks of the gun and the way it eventually shot and while I didn't get to really zero it in on the targets yet, it seems to be very accurate and I really like the trigger.
I was afraid being a cheap gun, it would have a nasty trigger pull or something.
I'll post again when I get more trigger time in and especially when that new mag comes from Mossberg.
Anyone else have one of these? I would be interested in knowing if you experienced problems as well.
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