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We just started shooting ICORE at Big Piney. At the moment we have 5 local revolver shooters, and 3 of them are Club Board Members. I am hoping we can get the numbers up over the next year to atleast 10 regulars who make every match. We have the only ICORE Club in Missouri. The Club in North Arkansas quit shooting. I am hoping to start picking some of the old Arkansas ICORE shooters back up as word gets out that we have a NICE place to shoot.

One good thing about not having a massive number of shooters, is you can shoot multiple Divisions. We charge $10 for the first entry, and $5 for all additional entries.
For $25 and ammo, I can shoot my:
686 in Classic
610 in Limited
617 in Club Rimfire
15 2" in Club Snub

That is pretty cheap intertainment for a full day at the range.

I think we have plenty of revolver shooters, getting them off the couch is a different story.
We have new Modular Walls, Good Steel, Plenty of Silhouette Stands, Lots of Props such as Bianchi Barracades, Car Door Simulator, Store Counter, Barrels, etc etc. I am hoping that posting reports with pictures will get some interest stired up. We also have a great bunch of shooters at Big Piney who are friendly, and not snobs. That is a big help getting shooters back to the Range.

Another thing is we do not have to do more than cover expenses with ICORE to start with. Our Club makes it's real money from Rifle Matches. We have an IBS 600 yard Bench Rest Points Match Saturday, and a Tactical Steel Rifle Match Sunday, followed by 3 Gun. We also shoot 600 yard F Class, Non-IBS 600 Bench Rest, 50 yard Rimfire Bench Rest, Trap and Skeet, Reactive Steel Handgun, and Defensive Pistol Matches. My brother and I set up the Handgun Matches, and we are both primarily revolver shooters. I am planning on hanging in their till I get ICORE jump started in Missouri.

Another thing I like about ICORE is you do not have to be an ICORE member to shoot a match. That really helps to gain new shooters. Another thing is you can pretty much set a match up any way you want. Lots of Steel, No Steel, Shooting from Cover or Not. Using Simulators, or not. No round count requirements.

Well I better close. I have Dutch Ovens to load, and Hog to cook today for the Club Hog Roast.

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