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Happiness is...

... getting a new replacement cylinder for my Pietta 1851 London that actually works perfectly. Bought my London (first BP gun) last November and the cylinder lock notches were uneven one wouldn't even hold the chamber in line. Gun shot OK with the other chambers but I wasn't very impressed as I purposely didn't get the cheapest model to possibly avoid bad workmanship. Well got a new cylinder the other day and all's right with the world. Gun lock up perfectly on all chambers now and even looks better.

I know I should have returned the gun to Cabelas in the first place but really hate all the BS associated with going that route. Anyway, pretty happy now.

edit- a side benefit is all the CCI #10's I bought work perfectly on the supplied nipples and the #11 go on with a slight pinch. Like dying and ending up in BP heaven.
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