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I'm a Chicagoan tracking this, but only but what I can read in the news. There was no fervor, to my knowledge, of restraunt owners that serve alcohol asking for a city ordinance outright banning firearms. Whatever alderman on the radio said that flat out lied (a common feature of politicians at large, but standard issue here). While the state provision allowed for firearm municipal-wide ordinances, they were very clear in that all laws pertaining to concealed carry are statewide with no home rule allowance. I believe that they are well aware that this ordinance contradicts the Illinois law and they are prepared to fight it. You know, see if they can get away with it.

They won't because they can't. That's how I see it. To not offer any counter law to the repeal of their registry is not doing anything in their opinion. They'll try, but they'll fail.
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