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Originally Posted by TXAZ
Any Windy City aficionados tracking this one?
Post #202...

An aldercreature was on the WLS radio this morning defending this idiocy, claimed restaurant owners were begging for this liquor license rule. Which makes no sense, since any restaurant (or any other private business) that doesn't want guns can simply post a sign prohibiting them and it becomes illegal to bring one in per state law. Also said (surprise surprise) he doesn't have any statistics on restaurant shootings by concealed carry permit holders in other states shooting up the place in a drunken stupor.

He also said that high-powered loop law firm Jenner and Block would represent the city for free from the inevitable lawsuit. I can only assume there's some quid pro quo going on here, that's the way it works here.

I think the odds of this passing judicial scrutiny are slim to none, the state law clearly preempts such shenanigans.
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