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Squibs... the killers.

American citizen (BT.380, DP-51, CD M-5, CCWP) living in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America:

My dear dear fellow handgunners,

Though I'v mentioned this in passing once or twice. Allow me to tell you what happened to my beautiful SW442 that I lovingly nicknamed The American;

During one of my outings to the range to run the 500 initial rounds through my guns, a squib lodged in the barrel (that's why they are called squibs) of my SW442 and the following round at full power slammed into it thus blowing the barrel all to hell.

No one was hurt, thank goodness, but the gun is ruined.

Because of Guatemala gun laws a barrel is considered a gun so I just can't simply order a new barrel and have a smith attach it. It must be bought by an armsdealer who deals with Smith and Wesson on a wholesale level. Hence it will take months before I can fix The American.

Any how...

I have a question. Guatemala is a tropical country, very moist. In order to prevent squibs I heard that fingernail polish around the primer and where the projectile attaches to the cartridge will preserve the round.

So the question is...

Is that true? Does fingernail polish stop squibs from occurring?

Need your help.

Best regards,
Duncan Idaho
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