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First thing you need to do is get a good book on how to shoot a rifle. Next read it till you understand it. Now practice what you've read. I suspect you have a flinching problem. Have someone load the rifle for you without you knowing if he put a round in it or not. Then shoot it. When you squeeze the trigger and it doesn't go off see if you flinch! If you do you now know where the problem lies. Are you using ear protection? If not get some before you do anything else. Also dry firing is just as good as live practice and doesn't cost as much. Although the Ruger 10-22 is a fine rifle I don't think its what you need right now. An inexpensive single shot 22 with iron sights will work much better for you in learning the skills needed to learn basic shooting skills.Remember its a single well placed shot that is what your after not a bunch of inaccurate spray!!!! ALSO join the NRA IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Not only to protect the rights you are trying to exercise but because they have all the tools you need to become as good as you can. If you want to I'll give you my phone # via a PM and we can discuss your training regime on the phone.One last thing you should also be wearing eye protection also. Frank
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