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Part of a good home defense strategy is knowing where to position yourself so you are shooting at safe angles and or a safe direction. Granted, a person cannot pre-plan everything / every scenario, but better to have at least considered it.

I live in a townhouse, end unit attached to one other unit in the middle of downtown with constant heavy traffic in the front and about 20 kids roaming and playing out back. Construction is 2x4 studs, sheetrock and vinyl siding. Missing a target or over-penetrating can mean 15 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

For me, firing down into stairwells would be ideal. In a face-to-face, firing down at an 80 or 85 degree angle might be better than 90 degrees.

Modern training teaches us that COM shots to the chest are the way to go since head shots can be difficult if not impossible for the average person with a mobile or bobbing target. Considering that the FBI claims that 80% of home invasions are performed by folks high on narcotics and or alcohol, the effectiveness of a shot through the heart cannot always be counted on to immediately incapacitate, giving 15 seconds of fight to the determined PCP or meth user. What can immediately stop an attackers forward motion are multiple shots to the pelvic girdle. Destroying the pelvic girdle allows for shooting at a downward angle, the dense bone in this part of the body more likely to slow a bullet down, preventing over penetration and without functioning hip joints an attacker will have a hard time standing, in addition to chasing you. The pelvic girdle is also the most stationary part of the body insofar as movement goes.
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