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Originally Posted by stormy36
Ugh. Again with this transit issue, which makes carry effectively impossible for hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans, including myself.
If you have a FOID card you're not transporting illegally and if you get a concealed carry permit once they finally get it up and running you'll be able to carry anywhere except as specified under state law. The city ordinance will only apply to those possessing firearms illegally under state law, since state law preempts home rule laws now.

The whole joke about Chicago's gun laws which is never mentioned when you see pols screeching about how important they are for our safety is that on average Chicago has charged just 75 or so people per year under those laws despite confiscating thousands of guns every year from gangbangers and such. They're almost purely symbolic, and pointless to use in most cases because state penalties are felonies and punishment far more harsh.

And I note that fewer than 8,000 (last I heard) Chicagoans had registered their guns with the city, and there's IIRC 130,000 or so FOID card holders who live here. It was widely ignored, and less than useless. Good riddance to it.
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