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Wanted to drop in my 2 cents. Given the powder and bullet weight vs. the claimed velocity. I also favor Chronograph probs.

However, I also wanted to add that I have become suspicious of the Speer reloading manuals, particularly the pistol data. I invariably get substantially higher velocities over my Ohler chrony than the Speer book lists for given charge and bullet weights. Yet, when I load by the Hornady book it is usually right on the money for velocity spread by powder charge weight.

Maybe my guns coincedentaly like Hornady data better

Just another reason to stock your bench with a variety of reloading manuals and start any loading process with a review of the loads the various books recommend. If you find one that deviates substantially on powder charge weight for a given powder/bullet/primer combination, then in my mind it is suspect.

Molycoating needs more powder too provide more velocity? So, if i took 2 identical loadings of 22-250 ammo. (i.e. same case, primer, powder weight) But one bullet was molycoated and one wasn't......They would have the same velocity?

Intuitively I would think anything that decreased friction would increase the velocity of a bullet......

Brighter minds than me....chime in please<g>

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