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454 Casull & Linebaugh Comparisons-

I found a site that has a online calculator for recoil and according to that my 454, .475 and .500 all generate about 65 lbs of free recoil, the trouble with math is you just can't trust it. Caliber size does make a difference with bullet weight and velocity the same, for an example I'll use a 410 gn bullet at 1500fps. In the 454 Casull it's a violent twisting of the wrist and arm, in the .475 Linebaugh it's a slower but more violent shove and twisting, about 30% more, then comes the .500 Linebaugh, loaded to this level nobody really wants to shoot it more than twice. When shooting from the Keith sitting position with a tipped over shooting bench for back support your vertigo is affected (nausia) with a couple cylinders fired with both Linebaughs. Somehow puking and shooting just don't go together..Roy
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