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Why do you want a 1911?

Is it for range fun?
For self defense?
For investment purposes?

If you are primarily concerned with what you can sell it for in a few years, get the Norinco.

If you want a shooter and don't care about resale, the RIA seems to fit the bill, for less, with a warranty.

If you want it as a base for future customizations, then the forged/cast frame issues 'may' mean something to you.

But, first be clear about why you want a 1911.

I am a shooter/user. Resale isn't something I actively think of. Not that I am disparaging anyone who does focus on that. I am just stating that resale is the last consideration I use when choosing an handgun. Fit/feel/price/features/reputation are all more important than resale for me. Your mileage may vary.

With that in mind, I would buy the RIA. In all fairness though, I should state that I like RIA so much after having my 5" tactical for 2 years that I am buying a second one [with dust cover], and picking it up tomorrow after the 10 day wait is over.

I also have a Kimber that works great, a Sistema [my Franken-Sistema], a Caspian frame/slide build, and a RIA Tactical 1911. Plus 2 other .45acp handgun. I have more experience in the sub-$1000 .45acp price range. I've sold a Sig P220 Combat and a H&K USP 45c, but kept the RIA Tactical. It just works GREAT.

One story: I was at the range about a year ago with it. I didn't pay much attention to my neighbors until I pulled the target it to clean up and go home. At 7 yards of two-handed moderate-rate firing, I had put 48 of my 50 rounds into the center 10/X ring of the 27222722 target target. Not exceptional for me. I used about 1/2 the 10X ring to do it, with about 38 of the 48 in the bottom half of the 10/X ring.

The guys next to me noticed the target and asked what I was shooting. I said 'Rock Island Tactical .45'. They commented I should be in a commercial. I then noticed what they were shooting: a Kimber model that was in the over $1000 range, and a Colt 1911a1 series 80. Both of these handguns cost about twice what my RIA did.

I then noticed their target. Same target. However, they had about 1/4 of shots into the X ring at the same 7yards, and the rest were scattered out to the 7 ring.

RIA can be VERY satisfying. And a great gun doesn't make up for lack of practice.
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