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Report from Orest at the GCA convention:

Oddly enough no one asked Orest the question about the Presidential Order and what effect it will have on CMP. I joked with Orest about that when I had him aside after the banquet. He was surprised no one brought it up. But, as he always is, he was ready for it. He showed me a message on his cell from the CMP laywers that he had ready to read if the question came up. In short, the Order has no effect at all on CMP operations and sales since they are not an importer. The only real changes he saw was that California residents will have to go through an FFL to purchase rifles from the CMP after Jan 2014 because of a new law that will come into effect on Jan 1, 2014. Repeatedly during sales and throughout the Convention CMP often said they are doing business as usual and nothing has changed or will change.
So pretty much exactly what I said a week ago.
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