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I have to disagree with Armed chicagoan, any opinion you won't stand behind isn't worth writing. The antis don't really have any numbers or stats on their side, so anonymous is really the only way their argument works. But, the days of anonymous Internet are long gone.

I was all for the open source movement, in the early days of the Internet, back when you could anonymously slander whoever you wanted. The idea of anonymous identity and free information for all was just a pipe dream. Then we had online bullying lead to dire things, forums/chat rooms that cleaned up their acts, and big money interests seeing opportunity, all with the coming of age of social networking. Internet anonyminity is a farce, and only used as a mask by the weak who can't reasonable justify their opinions.

It should be noted I don't use Facebook, linked in, etc. I consider social networking meeting and talking to guys at the range, in the LGS,etc. Plus, I suppose my signature gives me away: yep, I'm the author.
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