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CZ P07

Wow, I find it hard to believe that anyone does not like the "P 07". If they are referring to the CZ75 P07 Duty. The two I've fired extensively are superb pistols. Ergo's are top tier, it is a natural pointer (for me) probably the best I've found, and has one of the best trigger from the box of any plastic pistol. Very reasonable price too. The single action is superb, smooth, slick, and almost as good as a very good 1911. The double action is as good as anything I've found (outside of the Para 14.45). Quite slim grip to be a double stack hi-cap, it feels close to a single stack. They are dead nuts accurate too. Did I mention very reliable? Well they are reliable too. Hard to believe these posters are firing the same pistol. I guess "to each their own" and "your mileage may vary" explains it.

My advice to to anyone contemplating a new plastic pistol. I highly recommend you shoot one before purchasing anything else. I know of not one brand plastic pistol I've not owned and shot extensively. The CZ75 P07 Duty is a favorite of mine. The list I've owned and compared includes Glock, H&K, S&W, Walther, Springfield that come to mind immediately. And I've owned several models of each brand. The CZ P07 Duty is a great performer at any price. And a "best buy" at what they are selling at.
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