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Moderate update. I finally got ahold of some ammo for practicing. Enough for 25 practice rounds every other day for a little over a month (450 rounds). Everyone is still obsessively hoarding .22lr and major hunting calibers around here for reasons I can't rightly figure (I saw a legally blind man buy six boxes of 30-06 the day before yesterday for "prepping"...), so I'm probably stuck with that for a while.

I've worked out a good target design, planning to shoot five sets of five shot groups for practice. Slow fire, focusing on the fundamentals, working from a rest to start.

Just to get situated I burnt my daily allowance along with a few spare rounds I had lying around and shot eleven groups from a cinder-block-covered-with-towel rest and using a shooting sling for extra support. Already a modest improvement over my first attempt posted earlier in this thread.

50 Feet Rifle Practice Target

I should note that these are from 50 FEET with a competition small bore rifle target rated for that range. Still a hell of a long way to go. Is there any advice anyone could offer? Even at only 50 feet the irons are wider than the visible width of the target. #7 and #9 had bad fliers because of the wind blowing the target.
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