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These have been interesting conversations on fanny-pack carry. I myself moved to IL 6 months ago from Florida. I recently spoke to a capt. With the IL state police and a patrol officer with the Aurora police department to figure out how they handle it at the street level...their responses about mirrored.

Basically, they do not look for and search fanny packs for guns just because you are wearing a fanny pack. If they come across you carrying unloaded in a fanny pack, with accompanied ammo, it's most likely because they were called to the scene for some type of investigation that most likely involves you. They indicated that at the very least, the weapon would be confiscated, you cited (depends on situation what charges) and released pending a decision on what the local prosecutor thinks about what you were thinking. In most cases, the weapon would be confiscated, you would be arrested, must post bond and await what the local prosecutor thinks of what you were thinking.

Seems expensive, time consuming and a big risk to my criminal record to me. Im not saying fanny pack carry is right or wrong, just spittin out what I got from 2 different IL LE folks from 2 different organizations at 2 different times. Ill wait for The CC program to roll out. For you all, your call.
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