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Two different styles but both iwb. First is Alessi Holster's. Great all leather holsters. Your going to want whats called a deep carry style. Price higher but I've had one 23 years of daily carry with out a problem
Second is Old faithful holsters. Good mix of leather and polymer. Cheaper if you get the "assembly required kit". Everything is fit and trimmed for your gun you just assemble it. Or for about double the cost you can get one assembled. Its easy to put together and its a plus over the others as the gun tension can be adjusted.

Main difference between the two is one has one belt clip the other has two. One has a little more leather between your body and gun. One is molded leather only other has polymer.

IMHO for a first time or limited carrying experienced person a holster that has two clip is more stable. But it takes more space on the belt line, but also spreads the weight out more.
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