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Maybe you can explain to me how this ISN'T a problem?
Please don't assume I am going to defend DC's gun laws. All of it is onerous, all of it is scapegoating, and all of it is a slippery slope. OK?

The only legitimate reason for ammo laws IMHO is add on to an existing gun violation by a prohibited person, or during commission of a crime. IE gun crime bad, loaded gun crime worse

I am just tying to explain the practicalities of DC's laws. I also think Miller, in this rare case, is exaggerating.

I am friends with a number of DC gun owners and am a non resident one myself (If you have a place of business in DC you get a permit to keep one there and transport it back and forth). We used to have a big paper certificate. You simply kept it in your pistol case and when you went to the range, you had it with you by virtue of both the weapon and registration being in the pistol box. When you went to buy ammo, at a place other than the range, you took th certificate with you. Biggest hassle was they often became totally illegible from gun oil.

About the same time as the ammo shortage, DC stated issuing laminated cards like Driver's licenses. Almost al lof us keep them in our wallets now, which is a good idea since we are opportunistically buying at walmarts/dicks etc as even though it is legal, no one will ship us ammo.

My main point is asserting DC is the worst place, and gunsandammo and several other sites list us as the worst place, is bogus when it comes to practicalities, especially when it comes to handguns.

EG. Maryland is going to outlaw modern sporting weapons just like DC. They are defacto no ccw like DC. It already takes three to four times as long to get a handgun in Maryland as it takes in DC.

Massachusetts and California allow way less models than DC (we use their list of allowed plus the much bigger Maryland list. If it is on any of the three lists it is ok)

NJ also effectively has very little CCW, and also has much longer process and wait times for a simple home defense pistol.

And as I said fired cases are considered ammunition in Mass as well according to case law.

So, DC law is absurd. But we are being outdone in absurdity by quite a few other juristicuons.

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