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Neighbor's "Range"....

new here; cannot figure how to post a new thread so doing on this one. plse move to right area if i am wrong..... here is my post:

I live in the country. I have 500 acres to shoot on so have a few spots set up with 30-50' 'cliff' hill right behind to shoot against. Then 3-4000 feet of my corn field beyond before any homes.

But city folks keep moving out here and buying 1&2 acre lots around us. Some of these folks believe that since they now live in the country they can shoot on their property.

One adjacent neighbor set up a handgun 'shooting range' that consisted of a 15" dia x 5" long log set at his back property line (MY property line) on his 1 acre lot. He shoots into this 15" a. No backstop; wait, my property is his backstop. Unfortunately, I move around my property quite a lot, even 20' from his property line.

So last time he started shooting 50 rounds or so of 9mm in his Kaltec, I called the local cops. They came and told ME that unless I have proof he is missing that BIG target (no backstop), then shut up and leave him alone! They threatened to arrest ME for complaining! Barney Fife would have been more knowledgeable!

Now there is another new city move in guy down the road that decided that since there is a 5 acre corn field owned by someone else adjacent to his property he can tip an old table up on its side and shoot his rifles at it from across his 2 acre lawn. There are a zillion houses directly behind him. He is on craigs list asking for free dirt for 'his backstop.' But again, his table target is set at his property line, so he shoots into the neighbors 2,3,4 streets beyond.

Am I paranoid? If not, is there a way to try to teach these dumb local cops that this is not safe? Should I tell those neighbors behind this jerk to be careful since THEY are his shooting range? Or just shut up?
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