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I had to back track some, to see your rifle to understand why you're so disappointed. I saw the targets and thought that, while they are nothing to brag about, but adequate for medium range deer hunting. Then I saw that you have the tactical version.

My first magnum centerfire rifle was a MDL 700. This was 1976. The best I was ever get was 1.5", five shot groups, with my reloads. My buddy who found an Arisaka 99 in his attic, that his father had brought home after WW2. He invested $35 in dies and bought 40 pieces Norma brass, some weird 173gr bullets and proceeded to shoot rings around my new sexy magnum rifle. He regularly was able to 5 shot groups well under an inch.

My, uncle a Methodist minister and a gunsmith, had no love for the Rem 700. He had MDL 721's, MDL 70's, Weatherby's and informed me that drilled bar stock as a receiver, washered recoil lugs, and fused bolts were a crime and a sin! I thought my 7 mag was all there was. He left me his MKV Deluxe, and not too long after that I sold my Remingtons. I now only own Weatherby's, Coopers, Rugers and a Belgian Browning.

My point is a rifle built in the old ways, with modern materials, will seldom disappoint. They will put a hurt on your wallet though. A rebarrel may help, but, shouldn't be necessary, IMO.

You can certainly make a REM 700 accurate if are willing to invest some more money, but, you know what I'm getting at. I feel your pain!

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