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I have OC'd for 43 years. (OC in WA is legal without a permit) I have had Three conversations with LE. I have never been asked for my ID or my CPL.

First encounter consisted of 2 words...deputy "hunting?" me "yep". End of encounter.

Second encounter was with the CoP of the town nearest where we retired to: CoP: "when are you going to join our gun club?"

Third encounter, at a boat launch: Deputy: "What is it, looks nice". (CZ85 in a custom Alessi holster). Then we talked guns for the next 10 minutes.

Now, OC in MS may not be as common yet as it is here in WA, but it should be soon if people use this law as it was intended.

With any LE encounter that pertains only to your carry remember US Supreme Court decision in Delaware V Prouse.
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