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I just bought a Walther PPQ a couple of days ago and have a Glock G19 Gen4 on order. I've never seen a CZ P07, but I'd like to. I have held a CZ-75B and liked the feel, but I want a DAO striker-fired and so passed it by. (I couldn't work it DA, FWIW, but maybe the P-07 would be different.)

The PPQ has the long, two-stage trigger mentioned earlier, and it may be a shade too long for my fingers for sure use when sweating and so forth, but time will tell. It's certainly a well-built piece, and I hope it works for me. FWIW, the Walther PPQ with small backstrap in place has the following measured (by me) trigger reach:

2.83" - trigger and safety blade fully extended
2.54" - slack removed and before firing pressure, what Walther discourages as "staging" the trigger.

Once you get past the two-stage part, it's a very good trigger.

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