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with the Nork, as you know, you're on your own in terms of warranty, etc, the RIA will have some backing from the maker should it be needed.

In between those two, I'd buy the Chinese "Model of the 1911A1" myself, having owned them before. First, take a look at the top barrel lugs to make sure no rounding/peening issues and a tight lockup there. Mine were/are very accurate for a cheap commie reverse engineering but otherwise delightful 45 auto. (How I envy those north of our border for not having Bill Clinton as their leader in this regard... sorta)

I'd offer $500 for the sale, see if they take it, then spend more money to make up the difference with my LGS to buy magazines, ammo, holster, etc covering any loss he might take on the consignment (typically what? 10-20% of the sale price?)

But I would not turn down my nose to a nice little RIA either. Good value for the price point methinks. As is Ruger's model, when you can find them. You could always save up some more $$ and go with a base Colt or Springfield, Kimber, Remington, etc for a few hundred more. (but I want it now! )
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