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RIA Frames are cast.

Right from their website: Our 1911 Frames are Cast 4140 Carbon Steel and our Slides are Forged 4140 Steel.

The cast vs forged debate is rooted in some truth but honestly there is nothing wrong with a cast frame at this price point. Caspian frames are cast as were early Dan Wessons. The slide and the barrel is where the real action takes place. It is where the wear and tear really happens on a 1911. RIAs seem to hold up well but in an apples to apples comparison the Nork will hold up better.

While the Nork will never become a collectible it will hold its value better than the RIA. IMHO you could buy the Nork for $550 and sell for the same $$$ years later. If you know the seller and trust that it is in good working order not a lemon being dumped it is the better gun of the 2.
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